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Acronym of the Project: EU-CAMP

Full name of the Project: A Constructivist Approach For Mobilising Pupils For Learning EU

Category: Jean Monnet Programme- Learning EU at School.

Abstract: Responding to the need for learning EU at earlier ages in the course of Turkey-EU relations, EU-CAMP aims to provide 6th, 7th, 8th grade students aged 11-13 with EU related knowledge, by developing a set of extra-curricular education materials to be used as a part of club activities at secondary schools. Following the principles of constructivist curriculum, the materials consist of a short movie (video) and a set of learning cards per theme. Through the use of these materials, the EU-CAMP intends to create a social environment and peer-interaction among secondary school students in a way to enable them to learn and question EU related issues, and to develop attitudes, skills as well as behaviours by reflecting on the EU's principles and core values.

For each theme, a 10-15 minute-long video and a set of 40 to 60 learning cards are produced. The video includes a short summary of information and visual materials related to that particular theme, whilst the learning cards are to complement and consolidate the information and knowledge provided in the video. On one side of the learning cards, accompanied with a photo, there is a question that either assesses students' knowledge, leads them to inquiry or introduces them an activity. On the other side, the question is answered in detail.

Within the context of the EU-CAMP project, education materials are produced on the below-mentioned six themes:

1. What is the European Union?

2. Human Rights and Children's Rights

3. Environment and Carbon Footprint

4. Life Style and Richness of Cultural Diversity

5. Active Citizenship and Active Participation

6. Visual and Literary Expression

Education materials provided for the schools and students are not limited with the videos and learning cards. On each theme, additional reading materials are also collected and distributed to the school libraries and/or to the students both for individual and collective usage.

Duration: 2012-2013 (One year)

Project Leader and Partners: The project has been fully implemented by a team at the Middle East Technical University (METU), composing of faculty members and assistants from the Centre for European Studies (CES) and the Faculty of Education - Department of Educational Sciences.

Project was implemented in the following schools:

1. Ahmet Bahadır İlhan Primary School

2. Ankara Tevfik Fikret Primary School

3. TED Ankara College Foundation Primary School

4. Ankara METU Development Foundation Primary School

5. METU Graduates Primary School

6. Büyük Kolej

METU's role: Full implementation of the project, including:

- Development of the educational materials,

- Implementation at Schools,

- Organisation of a Final Conference entitled "Working with Children in Turkey"

- Organisation of a Children's Fest for the students of the EU Clubs at the participating schools.

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Publications: All the materials produced for the project can be downloaded at:

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