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Acronym of the Project: VABpro - Expert Training Programme

Full name of the Project: VABpro - Expert Training Programme

Category: "Building Capacity for EU Affairs in the Governorates Project" (VABpro) is financed under the IPA I Component - SEI: Support Activities to Strengthen the European Integration Process.

Abstract: The objective of the Expert Training Programme was to develop the necessary human resources at the EU units of the governorates of the pilot project provinces in a way to equip their staff on the EU matters.

Around 100 staff of the EU units from 20 governorates were given a 10-day training course on the topics such as EU institutions and policies; Turkey-EU relations; Accession Negotiations and Negotiation Chapters; EU Financial Aids and Project Management. The programme was also complemented with interactive training methods, such as EU decision-making simulation; exercise with learning cards on "What's EU?"; news analysis on EU matters; and, site-visits to the public and EU institutions taking active part in Turkey's accession process.

The expert training course was organised in two weeks.

Week 1 (27-31 May 2013):

- Historical Development of the EU

- EU Law

- European Economic Integration

- EU Policies: Regional Policy, Food Safety Policy and Rural Development Policy

- EU-Turkey Relations

- EU Negotiation Process

Week 2 (10-14 June 2013):

- Turkey's EU Communication Strategy

- EU'S Impact on Daily Life

- Turkey-EU Relations in the Media

- Public Opinion in the Turkey-EU Relations

- Local Governments in the EU

- EU Education and Youth Programmes

- EU Financial Aid and Project Management Cycle

The Expert Training Course also included a panel entitled "EU-Turkey Relations from Local to Univeral". The successful participants were also provided with a certificate at the end of the whole programme.

Duration: May-June 2013

Project Leader and Partners: The Ministry for EU Affairs

METU's role: 

- Designing the Training Programme

- Implementation of the Training Programme

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